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our designers

All the team leaders are acting more than 15 years in several areas of the design. Consulting and collaborating in different countries and abroad for global companies as Midea Appliances, Electrolux AB, Whirlpool Corp, Sundown Motors, Buscar Motors, Philippe Starck Studio, DA Milan Innovation Centre and others. Currently they are responsible part of the global design to Midea Appliances. With firms where the team has collaborated, won several awards and mentions of design, highlighting the Internationals IF, Red Dot, Good Design, Idea, Plus X, and many others national awards, including MCB (most important design award in Brazil) and Objeto Brazil (most important design award in Latin America). The team has approximately 40 patents including innovation and ID records into Brazilian authorities (INPI) and international bodies and launch products in several countries around the world, including markets as China, Japan, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Sweden, Germany and others.

head of design · founder

Daniel is an industrial designer with large experience in Appliances and Creativity methods. He has master degree from Domus Academy (Milan, Italy) with focus at research to create strong and contemporary concepts. Through the method, Daniel is able to lead people and can identify innovation and new ways to serve and support people by uncovering latent needs, behaviours and desires.

manager partner in ASIA

Simon is a marketing partner in China, with more than 15 years experience in appliances industry. He has deep insights in product development and sales issues, coordinating and cooperating with designers and engineers to achieve great result for new launches.

head of innovation · founder

Valkiria is an industrial designer with large experience in Innovation and Automotive Industry. She has Master degree from FGV with focus product management and development. Valkiria has a great experience leading designers and multidisciplinary teams in order manage projects properly. She uses the design-based approach to help organizations to grow with a positive impact on business and people. 

manager partner in USA

David is an mechanical engineer with large experience in the US market coordinating teams and processes. He has master degree, working very close to the factories and customers, with focus at solving problems to achieve great result for new launches..