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design method

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Through an unique method we are able to create products and innovation, using the design-based approach to help organizations to grow with a positive impact on business, identifying new ways to support consumers by uncovering latent needs, behaviours and desires. 

download the application level showcase here

levels of application

01. Off the Shelf
A products purchase that are standard manufactured products rather than customized. We can update the product, translating the brand identity changing as minimal as possible to approximate a commodity to the brand DNA.

Application: market introduction and field tests

Investment level: low

time of development: days

Changeable: colour and trim

02. Facelifting

A  facelift is the product revival through cosmetic means. It is a product upgrade representing a refresh perception to the market, changing specially its appearance while leaving engineering or design structure intact. 

Application: to be more competitive in the market

Investment level: low to medium

time of development: weeks

Changeable: colour, graphics, paintings, finishing and small pieces.

03. New Design Product

It is a new product using known platforms. It brings to the consumer a new perception, but keeps mechanical parts, inner components positions and structure. A relative fast tool to translate the identity to the product line.

Application: differentiation and earn market share

Investment level: medium

time of development: months

Changeable: visual external design, surfaces, some features

04. New Platform

Total new product based on new platforms. It represents a radical move bringing innovation and it is a powerful tool to translate the brand identity into products.

Application: create innovation and market differentiation

Investment level: high

time of development: months / years

Changeable: the product concept, everything is new