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design & innovation

ARBO is a design company, which creates value through strategy, creating a brand DNA through the design & innovation. This powerful tool allow to differentiate from its competitors, anticipates desires and speaks a persuasive form language. During this process, we have 3 stages to burrows deep into a human's heart:

01. Setting Strategic Directions 
Mapping & Positioning: benchmarking, trend mapping, design mapping, market analysis and others
Branding Language: branding, communication, identity and others

Product & Family DNA: visual brand language (VBL), product core values, design principles, design elements, design directions
Deliverable: brand book  |  visual identity book  |  consumer and experience analysis  |  VBL book

02. Product Development 

Immersive Research: immersion and deep research (inside company, consumer, competitors, trends and others)

Industrial Design Development: product concepts, product design and the industrial preparation to mass production

Satellites: communication material, catalogues, high resolution images, packaging, IFU (manuals), sales point materials

Deliverable:  concepts & opportunities   |  product report  |  prototypes  |  3D (surfaces)  |  specs and documentations

03. Design Methods and Training Teams 

Innovation Process
Design Process Training

Deliverable: innovation road map  |  development processes books  |  future vision book

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